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Thursday, January 10, 2013

3 to go!

Sorry I have been so neglectful of the blog lately. It is so easy to do a quick facebook update that doesn't require much thinking.

We made it through Christmas and New Years...not fun for me but Ryder enjoyed it and that is all that matters. The second round of chemo pretty much hammered me but I did get to have a wonderful meal with dear friends Andhi, Gretchen, Mateo and Sten and Nete. So great to catch up and laugh with old friends! I also got to go out for a very special dinner with my friends Danette and Zibby and as an added bonus we got to see our favorite friends from Portland! Kate and Colin and their two beautiful daughters came up to Seattle for a wedding and we got to spend an entire afternoon with them. Pure bliss! We miss and love them so much!! I was also able to take Ry to go see the Wizard of Oz at the Seattle Children's Theater with Jennifer, Reese, Finn (Bethany's kid) and Marlene (aka Tutu). That was really fun and it was a great production. Other than that, I hardly left the house. Pathetic. The fatigue is really quite amazing, like nothing I've ever experienced. I still had all the bone/joint pain from the Nuelasta shot but this time I was armed with Dilaudid (hard core). It works but it also leaves me weepy, fuzzy, and out of it. That mixed with the anti nausea drugs and many days are a bit of a blur.

Just this Wednesday (1/9) I had round number 3 which means I only have 1 left to go!!! The end is in sight!!! The next couple of weeks will be rough but I know what to expect and at least I don't have the added pressure of the holidays. We can see this is taking a toll on Ryder and that breaks my heart. We can't even wrap our heads around what's going can a 5 year old? Especially when he doesn't have the language to express what he feels. We've just seen more acting out and obstinance than usual. But he did get to start ski lessons this last Saturday and he loves it!! I know it's only a matter of time and everything will get back to normal and we can get back to being a normal family. That day will come soon.

The drugs are starting to set in and make me sleepy...I'm off to be a hermit for the next couple of weeks.As always, thank you for all the prayers, well wishes, help, and love. I feel the power of it everyday and it has been a lifesaver for me. I love you all so much! I truly am so blessed with the friends and family I have.Thank you.

Some random photos...

Off to see Santa and ride the carousel
Merry Christmas!
 Wizard of Oz with friends!
Happy New Year Seattle beach style (FREEZING)!

Amazing dinner with friends Danette and Zibby!!

Ryder's first ski lesson!

Round 3 underway


My last, yes LAST treatment is on January 30th. I cannot wait!!! Who is ready to celebrate with me?

Happy's going to be a great one!!
Always love,

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  1. We are all so ready to celebrate with you. The end is in sight and you've been a warrior through this shit. Everyone is proud of hell of your guts and your grace. And while I can only imagine the heartbreak of watching your battle take a toll on your family, esp your sweet son, know that he is learning from this too... that his mama is a fighter, that scary things happen and that in the end things will be ok. Love you, gorgeous. fiercely. can't wait to see you in a few weeks. can't WAIT to celebrate!!!!!!!